Course A1 / A2 (“Grundstufe”) 

  • Basic German grammar: Improvement of communication skills for everyday life, studies and career
  • Advancement of skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension
  • Regional and cultural studies

Course B1 / B2 (“Mittelstufe”)

  • German grammar: Review and expansion; Focus point: Structures for university communication
  • Spoken communication for everyday life, studies and career (e.g. on the telephone, discussions, presentations)
  • Writing skills for both everyday and university communication (e.g. e-mails, hand-outs)
  • Reading newspaper articles
  • Regional and cultural studies

Course C1 (“Oberstufe”) 

  • German grammar: Review and deepening of understanding; Focus point: Scientific language structures, such as in academic writing
  • Spoken communication: discussions and debates over cultural, scientific and political topics
  • Reading newspaper articles, as well as literary and scientific texts
  • Writing skills for everyday and university communication (e.g. composition of e-mails, definitions, term papers)
  • Regional and cultural studies

A more detailled description of the program can be found in our syllabus.